What is the key to managing telematics usefully?

The ACFO is the UK’s premier representative organisation for fleet decision-makers in charge of cars and light commercial vehicles.

The organisation exists to help fleet decision-makers improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their business travel operation.

Established more than 40 years ago, ACFO’s membership includes most of Britain’s major fleets as well as those drawn from the SME sector.

John Pryor, ACFO chairman and group fleet & travel manager at Arcadia talks telematics…

Liz Hollands: “Over the next few years, it is likely telematics will become standard in all new cars. There is no doubt about the usefulness of the information, but what is the key to managing it usefully, as opposed to drowning in it?”

John Pryor: “As with all these things, all fleets will use it in different ways. I suspect that the issue will be to make sure fleets know what is out there and what they can get hold of. In some cases it may be how to interpret the data as well. I think from evidence, people who have smart phones only use about 20% of their capability and I suspect that this will be the case with telematics data.”