Successfully detecting aggressive driving behaviours from velocity and acceleration

Traffic accidents annually produce 1.3 million fatalities and 50 million injuries worldwide – 70% of these accidents are related to human factors and reckless driving which is the result of excessive or inappropriate speed.

A group of researchers for the Applied Mathematics for Information Technology and Communications Department of Universidad Politécnica de Madrid has found a way to efficiently characterize driving through non intrusive methods, not perceived by the driver. Thanks to this research, they have shown that is possible to detect a reckless driving behavior by just monitoring driving external signals, such as velocity and acceleration.

The model was empirically verified under real driving situations at UPM facilities. They tested its validity and its generality for diverse driving signals, different drivers and types of roads. The results showed a success rate of 92% for detecting reckless driving behavior from driving signals.

Study: Ana Belen Rodriguez Gonzalez, Mark Richard Wilby, Juan Jose Vinagre Diaz, Carmen Sanchez Avila. Modeling and Detecting Aggressiveness From Driving Signals. IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems, 2014; 15 (4): 1419 DOI: 10.1109/TITS.2013.2297057