Older drivers four times more likely to swerve out of lane while texting

Randall Commissaris, associate professor of pharmaceutical sciences at Wayne State University in Detroit, says that people tend to think that young drivers are easily distracted, allowing them to be more likely candidates for accidents. However, he tells The Telegraph, the study proves the opposite. Commissaris explains:

“Although texting while driving had a negative impact on drivers of all ages, younger drivers were less distracted by texting, and older drivers’ performance was much worse because of their texting.”

For those aged between 35 and 44, 80 percent of participants swerved, the Daily Mail continues to report. Twentysomethings and teens ages 18 and older only swerved 40 percent and nearly 25 percent of the time, respectively.

Study: The Effects of Texting on Driving Performance in a Driving Simulator: The Influence of Driver Age.

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons License