Does your telematics system give you data overload?

Dan Gilkes writes…

“Telematic systems, from the most basic vehicle tracking to an all-encompassing fleet management solution such as TomTom’s Worksmart, can save time and money. Simply knowing where vehicles are is a vital component of fleet management.

However as the technology has developed, suppliers have been able to add an increasingly complex array of reporting options and data streams. This of course allows fleet managers to do far more than simply track the location of their vehicles. Indeed the list of available features is often only regulated by the amount that you are prepared to spend.

But this ever-increasing flow of information can prove too much for a busy fleet manager. Though many are keen to adopt telematic systems, one of the biggest criticisms is that there can be just too much data, and it can be hard to drill down to the bits that are really useful for their operation.”

At hodos we couldn’t agree more!